Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chicks Week 8

I am sorry for not posting anything new about the chicks last week.  There really is no progress.  They are getting HUGE, and the chicken coop is finally complete.

To see pictures of the coop, you can go to: .  Todd did a great job.

We are going on vacation starting next Friday, so the chicks have not stayed outside for the full night yet.  We will wait until after vacation to put them outside full-time.  They HAVE been spending time outside on nice days getting aquainted with their soon-to-be new home. 

They are so big now that I have a hard time gathering all four up to go outside.  There are always one or two that fly up on my arm or on the ledge of the container as I'm walking.  And truth be told, I cant figure out which chicken is which anymore.  3 that are brown are all a mystery to me.  The only one I can tell apart is "Blondie." 

I have some pictures of them last weekend in their chicken coop, but due to computer problems, I am unable to load them at the moment.  Hopefully soon.