Monday, March 21, 2011


This weekend, Todd worked his 12 hour shift on Saturday and Sunday, which left my all by my lonesome.  While spending some nice, quiet time to myself, I made several realizations.  They include:

  • When the TV & Internet are not turned on, the day goes by slower (a good thing!)
  • When the day goes by slower, I get more work done
  • It is not difficult to pick up the house in 5 minute spurts
  • When the house is picked up, I feel a great sense of accomplishment
  • There really is no need to procrastinate! Just do it NOW!
  • When the house is picked up, there is more time for play (outside in the garden & with puppy)
  • When the house is picked up, I do not feel guilty for relaxing with a good book and a cup 'o coffee (I will admit, for several hours)!
  • When the house is in order, I am much more content and ENJOY my surroundings and all we have
  • When the house is in order, I have more time to do chores that Todd usually does but has not gotten to due to working his 12 hour shifts and being sick
  • I am not rushing around to do things last minute, like dinner on the table.  I was ready to put everything ont he table 5 minutes before Todd turned into the driveway (instead of rushing around last minute like a chicken with my head cut off:  sorry chicks.)
  • I dont get as tired - no need for a nap, even though I've done more activity than I have all week! It's amazing what sitting in front of the boob tube does to me!  Movie marathons are NOT my friend.  They make me LAZY (and eat out of boredom, which makes me tired)!
  • Hubbies are happier when they get home and see that there is nothing to be done but spend time with their loved one.
All in all, it was a great weekend with me and the critters for most of it, but it was nice to get alot of things done. 

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