Monday, April 4, 2011

Healthier Lifestyle

Todd and I are on our way for the weight-loss competition.  I was looking at recipes online for healthy sweets (other than fruits.)  I have a hard time living without sweets, especially after dinner.  It is a real, true addiction.  I was thinking that it’d be best if I make items that will help with my sweet tooth but are also healthy.

I found a recipe that called for whole wheat graham crackers and natural peanut butter.  I don’t want to buy whole wheat graham crackers.  I don’t want to buy even organic peanut butter.  I want to stay away from the preservatives and make the food we eat with my own two hands.  I found several recipes for homemade peanut butter that I am looking forward to making.  Also, I found a great, easy recipe for whole wheat graham crackers.  The only problem with the recipe for graham crackers is that it called for butter.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to use any more store-bought butter.  To me, it is salty (I hate salt – I never use it in any of my recipes).  Not only that, it has preservatives.  So, I went on my way to trying to find recipes to make butter, and sure enough, it looks pretty darn easy!  I look forward to making butter myself.

I brought it up to a friend of mine from work about needing REAL milk (from a cow or goat) and how it is not legal to sell it here in Ohio.  I live very close to an Amish village as well as an Amish butcher.  In Pennsylvania, it IS legal to buy raw milk.   So, do I try to find an Amish farm that will sell me milk to drink as well as to make my own butter?

I was telling my friend, and he said, “There is a reason it is not legal in Ohio.  It is dangerous if it’s not pasteurized.”  He also copped a bit of an attitude and said, “So what, are you going to get a cow now?” I asked him where the hostility was coming from, and he said that I didn’t make sense to him.  I wanted eggs, so I bought chickens.  I want to make butter, so I now have to find raw milk.  He kept going on and on about how people in the 21st century are living longer BECAUSE of the additives and preservatives.  I do not agree with that at all.  My belief is that people are living longer in the 21st century due to modern medicine and that the foods we eat with the corn syrup and preservatives are killing us!  My friend, Mike, and I agreed to disagree on the topic.

Am I the only one that sees the benefits of making food from scratch?  We are by no means anywhere close to being organic or even healthy for that matter, but we are working toward it!  If I can create meals for Todd and I to live longer, taste better and make our waistlines go down, I don’t see a problem with it! 

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