Sunday, December 12, 2010

Book Review: Angry by Laura L. Smith

Angry by Laura L. Smith is a book geared toward teens.  When I read this book, I could completely relate to the main character, Emma, and what she was going through. 

The book is about a teenager named Emma (16,) who overheard a suspicious conversation her father was having, heard her mother sobbing one late night / early morning, found some personal items of her fathers that were hid in his closet, and then found out that her parents were getting a divorce. 

Emma is one of six children, and being the oldest, a lot of the responsibility has been put on her shoulders.  That responsibility was tenfold after her parents announced their divorce.

I feel like this book was MY story 14 years ago when my parents divorced for the same reason.  And at the same time, that is when I found God.  Emma had known God, but hadn’t felt Him in her life the year leading up to the divorce.

Through the book, you could feel Emma's hurt and anger toward her parents, her angry remarks, her storming out of the room and yelling.  But Emma learns that God is always there for her, and He knows what she is going through and how she feels.  She learns how to give it all to Him.

This book is a great book for a teen going through something like this.  I felt so alone when my parents were getting a divorce when I was 15.  I blamed everything on my father, and I hated him.  This book would have helped to validate some of the things I was doing and the way I acted.  In the end, like Emma, I turned to God and am now happy that my parents divorced.  They are better people now than they ever were together.  And they created two pretty awesome kids through the whole ordeal.  Even though we are a split family - we are closer now than we ever were before.  Even though now, it's not the four of us, it is me and my brother (25) with my mom and her husband, and me and my brother with my dad and his wife.  We are a very solid family now.  Nothing could break us apart.

I received this book free from NavPress as part of their Blogger Review Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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