Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Entertainment Fund

Every month, Todd and I get $100 to spend on “fun things” to do together or to go out to eat.  In the past, I felt I was robbing us because we would be UNDER BUDGET most months, but when Todd wanted to do something that was a little expensive, I would put the ki-bosh on it.

So, starting in January, I started taking $100 in cash out of the bank for our “fun money.” 
Right now, we are nearing the end of January, and we still have over $25 in “fun money” available.  I am pretty pleased with that, considering we went out to lunch once, dinner once, got ice cream as a treat from Handles (not very inexpensive) and then ate at the hospital last week when we found out Natalie was admitted.  We both rushed there after work and were starving, so we ate in the cafeteria.  As a side note, that cafeteria meal was nearly $30 for the two of us, and it wasn’t even that much food.  We both had a fajita, we shared one drink, got a slush and some jello for Natalie. Oh, and we paid for parking in the parking deck out of the “fun money.” 

At any rate, I think we’ve done really well with the entertainment fund/fun money. 

I already bought something for a later month.  It is for a place called “Fun ‘n Stuff.”  They have laser tag, climbing walls, putt putt, go-cart track, water-park games, arcarde, etc.  I got 2 – all day wrist-bands for Todd and I to go and play some day when it warms up a little bit.  That is coming out of February’s “fun money,” but I think it will be well worth it when we go.  I will probably take a Friday off when Todd has a Friday off, and we can go and have a blast.  Probably have a cheap lunch, or pack a lunch, and have a great ‘ole time.

Do you budget “fun money” every month for you and your spouse or the family?

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