Friday, January 28, 2011

Fun Evening Together

Lately, I have been feeling like Todd and I are drifting apart.  We get into a routine, and it gets to the point that in the evenings, we talk at dinner for 10 minutes and then we are on our own.  Having 6 animals doesn’t help.  It is like I have to divide my time amongst everything, everybody, and every furry creature.

One night last week, I texted Todd while at work asking if we could spend some time together.  I wouldn’t get on the computer or go into the bedroom to read a book, I preferred that he didn’t find a show he had TiVo’d on the DV-R, and we spend some quality time together.  I didn’t care if we meditated together (recommended by his doctor to help his bad back,) practiced yoga together (again, to help his back,) worked out together, played a board game, or played Wii together.  I was up for anything.

After dinner, Todd got his shower while I played with Lana.  After the shower, we decided we were going to play the Wii together.  We played a couple of games of darts (to which I miserably lost all 3 games.)  This opened up to conversation between us, got us laughing together, and a little bit of competitiveness.  We then played shuffleboard (he won again! DOH!)  After shuffleboard, we played some weird table-hockey-type game (to which he won twice,) and then we played cow racing to which I won twice!  HA!  Lastly, we played 3 games of pool.  I won once, he won twice.

We played the wii for 2 ½ hours, and we had such a blast.  Within the 2 ½ hours, we made some popcorn to munch on, and then let the kittens out to play with us.  We were laughing and having a good time.

It is days like these that make me fall in love with my husband all over again.  We had a blast doing nothing but playing games together.  I may ask him if we can do it more often.  It was nice not being connected to the outer world through the internet (because the puppy chewed through the DSL lines AGAIN!) and focusing on what really matters.  Our family of 2 … and 6 fur-babies.

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  1. Sounds like a great night! I can honestly say I rarely fall asleep without my cheeks hurting from laughing so much! rob is such fun :0) That's an important part of a marraige...the Bible says that laughter is like good medicine!