Saturday, January 29, 2011

How Low Can You Go : Roaster Chicken!

Last week, our local store had roaster chickens on sale for $0.69/lb.  They are normally $0.89/lb at Aldi’s, so I asked Todd to pick up a couple.

They are so easy to prepare.  Todd put one in our crockpot with some water, potatoes, carrots and celery and let them simmer on low all day. 

When we got home, the chicken was so moist and falling off the bone.  And the best part…it makes more than one meal!

Let’s assume the roaster chicken was 4 lbs - $2.76
Potatoes (at $1.99/ 10 lbs: assume 2 lbs) – $0.40
Baby Carrots (at $0.99/lb: assume ½ lb) - $0.50
Celery (at $1.49 per bag: 2 stalks used out of approximately 8) - $0.37
Total for the meal: $4.03

And these roaster chickens easily provide 3 meals for us (only 2 if we are really hungry). 
2 meals = $2.02/meal (or $1.01/person)
3 meals = $1.34/meal (or $0.67/person)

Really…you cant beat it.
Or…can YOU?  If so, I want to know your least expensive recipe(s).

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