Monday, February 28, 2011

Making Expensive Gifts More Cost-Effective

For Christmas, my mother bought Todd and me a Keurig instant-brew coffee/tea machine. We use it quite often (at LEAST twice a day.)  Upon receiving it, we noticed how expensive the K-cups are to purchase; anywhere from $0.50/cup to $1+.  I wasn’t willing to spend that kind of money on coffee.  Coffee, though I enjoy it, is not that important to me.

For my birthday earlier this month, Todd bought me something that goes into the Keurig machine that enables me to use regular coffee (and keeps the K-cups out of the landfills.) 
If I use the apparatus more than 50 times, it pays for itself in savings versus the K-cups.  Also, for my birthday, my friend from work bought me several different flavors of coffee (free to me.) 

I have been using the new apparatus from Todd consistently, and I’ve found that if I leave the do-hickey out after brewing a couple of cups of coffee in the morning before work, the coffee dries, and I can use the same coffee grounds for the entire week. This saves us quite a bit of money.  After the grounds lose their flavor, they go in a jar that I will sprinkle into our raspberry bushes and garden to help fertilize our plants. 

As a “just because” gift, Todd bought me a box of K-cups while he was out at WalMart last week.  I have found that I can use the same K-cup of coffee at LEAST 4 times before the flavor goes away.  So, a $0.50 K-cup (my husband is a bargain shopper,) really only costs us $0.125/cup of coffee because I can use it over and over again. 

These are just little ways we can enjoy the nice, frivolous gift my mom gave us without spending a whole lot of money!

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  1. At last I am reading a sensible post about this machine. You are certainly making the frugal best of your gift. I am not a coffee drinker, so my buying or even using this is not an issue. Thanks for the information about the apparatus to make normal coffee use possible.