Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pleasant Surprise

Todd found a little Bible carrier that I had from many many years ago.  I’m so glad he found it, because I have been wondering where it had gone.  I lost in when we moved into the house (4 years ago!)  

I opened up the Bible carrier and there were two Bibles in it.  It appears that I bought one of them myself (it was a student Bible,) and one was from a friend I had in England, Adam.  Adam is a man I met online back in the mid 90’s and we became pretty darn good friends.  He became a Christian and was spreading the Word by sending his teenage friend her first Bible.  The reason I know it was from Adam is because he wrote something in the front of the book.  When I read it, I smiled and it brought back all the fun Adam and I had chatting online and he even called once in a while to chat.  I adored his English accent.

I was looking through some of the verses I had highlighted in my student Bible when I came across a note.  It was hand-written and it said, “I {heart} You!  ~ Mom”  I instantly smiled and my evening was brighter. 

My mom wrote this little note and hid it in my Bible when I went on a missions trip to Myrtle Beach in 1997 with friends from my church.  My mom also wrote me a card telling me how proud she was of me and how much she loved me.  This was through a REALLY rough time for us due to the divorce.  I also remember that she secretly packed Twizzlers (my favorite snack) for me to snack on while on the week-long trip in Myrtle Beach.

It’s amazing how many good memories I have forgotten about, and how great they feel when they are revealed again.  It is so much fun recalling all of the great memories, and the unforgettable trip I had in Myrtle Beach.

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