Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How Low Can You Go?

I like to look at what a meal costs us (versus going out).  With this post, I will compare the price of a meal out vs. making it at home.

Egg McMuffin:
Todd and I love Egg McMuffins (and bagels with ham, egg & cheese) for breakfast.
From what I’ve seen, the price from McDonald’s is: $1.59/sandwich

Our Cost:
English Muffin (bought at a Nickles Thrift Store – 2 bags of 6 for $1.79)  $0.15
Egg Substitute (Aldi’s Brand: $1.89 for a dozen eggs worth)                    $0.16
Turkey Ham ($1.89/lb – assuming we use 1/8 lb (high estimate))              $0.24
Cheese ($1.99/lb from Gordon Food Service – assuming 1 oz.)              $0.12
Price to make it at home:                                                                        $0.67!

Savings per sandwich: $0.92

To be honest, I like ours better!  It is a little healthier for us (turkey ham & egg substitute), but it keeps us going in the mornings!

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