Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meet Logan

We acquired Logan through a neighbor at the end of July 2009.  She was in a cinder block outside our neighbor’s house crying for 2 days straight.  The neighbor thought her mom was going to come and get her, and she never did.  The neighbor asked if we’d be interested in her.

I originally thought Todd would say “NO WAY!” We already had a feisty pig and an old cat. When I told him about it, he said that we could go over and take a look at it.  Well, as soon as he set eyes on her, he was in love. 

Todd and I had just come from watching Wolverine from the dollar theater.  Logan had stripes, but mutant feet!  Her paws were HUGE compared to her little body.  She also had a sore on her chest.  We put her in a litter box inside and within a couple of days, she used it (with NO accidents!) That first night, this kitten slept in between us the entire night.  I set the alarm to take her outside at 2AM and she didn’t go.  I thought we’d have problems with the potty…but not at all!  Todd named her Logan (that was Wolverine’s name) because he swore up and down Logan was a boy.  Well…a couple days later when he took her to the vet…he found out that Logan was actually a girl!  Oops.  I knew a girl Logan, so we just left her name.  It suited her.

Logan is what is called a Hemmingway cat.  Ernest Hemmingway bred cats to have more toes than normal cats.  Well, Lana has up to 6 or 7 toes on some of her paws.  When she was a kitten and would run through the house, she sounded like a horse coming down the hallway because her paws were so big!

Logan is now over a year old, but has stayed really small compared to the other cats we’ve had.  She is a tiny little thing, and such a lover.  She is definitely wild.  She loves to be outdoors and is our hunter, but she also likes to come inside at times to spend time with us and sleep with us in bed.  We love her to pieces!

(I just noticed we dont have any of her now - she's too darn fast to get a picture of her!)

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