Thursday, September 23, 2010

How Low Can You Go?

I like to look at what a meal costs us (versus going out).  With this post, I will compare the price of a meal out vs. making it at home.

Coffee (the Latte Factor):
A little background: Up until this Summer, I did not like coffee AT ALL!  Thanks to my mother and her Keurig machine (insert sarcasm here,) I have been hooked! I cant seem to do anything in moderation, so I started drinking about a ½ pot at work every day because Todd cant stomach the smell of coffee, so it was something I did at work and only at work.  It wasn’t plain black coffee, oh no… it was flavored coffee that I had been drinking.  I don’t (and didn’t) like the thought of being addicted to something.  OK, yes, I have an addiction to food, but it is also a necessity.  At any rate, I weaned myself off for about a month.  Now that it’s getting cold outside, I get a craving for coffee in the mornings.  So, here goes:

French Vanilla Cappuccino from Gas Station:                                                 $1.49
(“High Octane,” full fat, a lot of sugar, small cup)

Maxwell House: Swisse Mocha Café : $1.89/container of 21 cups                    $0.09/cup!
(Decaf, Sugar Free – low calorie!)

Savings Per Cup: $1.40!
Needless to say, I will continue to buy the coffee in the tins

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