Sunday, September 19, 2010

Simple Sunday

Today has been another relaxing Sunday for me.
Hubby worked the last of his 3 day - 12 hour work stint,so he was exhausted.
We had another spend-free weekend, which is amazing!  We didnt spend a dime! I could get used to this (and so could our budget!)

I have not left the house since I got home from work Friday evening, and you know what? It feels good!  I got most of my "to do" list done, except for filing all of our important documents into our new safe (from nearly a year ago!)  Puppy and piggy got lots of mommy time this weekend.  I got some fresh air, read, watched all the movies I have from the library, and started on our business website (finally!)  Oh, and did I mention that I cooked? I sure did.  Mushroom risoto yesterday for dinner (yummy, but very time consuming), homemade pizza & Todd's favorite brownies for dinner and dessert tonight.

What amazes me is that when Todd came home, he mentioned how good I looked.  I had just gotten out of the shower and had mesh Nike basketball shorts on, one of his t-shirts and my mock crocs.  Not exactly what I'd call attractive, but it was really nice to hear seeing as I was a big oaf all weekend.

Just another Simple Sunday...

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