Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Mom and I have been talking about our Christmas plans for this year.  Usually, Todd and I go to his half-sister’s house on Christmas Eve to spend time with them and his family.  Then, on Christmas, we have Christmas at our house in the morning, and then head over to my dad’s house to watch Natalie open her gifts, and then to my mother & father-in-law’s house to celebrate there.  By the end of the day, we’re exhausted, but then we wake up the next morning and go to my mom’s house for the weekend to celebrate there.

Because my mom has lived over 4 hours away for the past several Christmas’, it’s been tough.  This year, they live only 2 hours away.  Apparently, Doc has to work at the hospital on Chirstmas Day this year, but has off on Christmas Eve.  I told mom that we could come down Christmas Eve and spend the day with them.  Mom mentioned possibly picking up my niece, Annabelle (my only blood-brother’s daughter) and coming to OUR house for Christmas Eve.

Once she mentioned this, I got so excited (enough so that I had a hard time getting to sleep!)  I really love to have people over to the house.  Not many people come to see us because we are “out of the way.”  I am just happy everyone comes to our 4th of July BBQ every year.  At any rate, I think it would be a blast to have little miss Annabelly (as I call her) and my mom & Doc here at the house.   For the first time ever, they get to see our 12 ft. tree that Todd always decorates beautifully, and we get to spend time together at OUR home.

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