Monday, November 22, 2010


Would you look at somebody differently that wears the same clothing 8 business days in a row?  There is a woman at work (not the same one that talks to herself,) that frequently wears the same clothes for extended periods of time.  I’m not talking black slacks and a dress shirt.  I’m talking neon pink shirt and camel-colored cords.  In the past, it was bright blue slacks and the neon pink shirt.

This would be different if we knew she didn’t have any clothes or couldn’t afford them.  But she is wealthy.  She also has enough outfits to last a full 2 weeks here at work.  I’m not sure why she does this.  I don’t know if it is something that is acceptable from her culture (she is from Russia,) or what.

I have tried to wear the same exact thing two days in a row here to work, but had to change before I left the house.  I just couldn’t do it.  Maybe it is because I am selfish, or maybe I AM materialistic or worried about what others may say.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.
If you had a closet full of clothing, would you be able to wear the same exact pants and blouse for 8-10 business days?


  1. LOL...that reminds me of my Grandma! She used to wear the same clothes over and over again! She said she didn;t want to waste the water, soap...etc...on clothes that weren't dirty! She had the money then to wash her clothes as much as she pleased, but in the past she didn't. My father used to have to haul water for their home in the 60's and 70' electric, water....they were poor. You don't know what her past experiences have been, things like that stick with you. My adopted kids will eat until they get sick because they have been starved before...they are not now and have not for a few years, but it's still there. Just something to think about :0)

  2. Good point, Kim. Thanks for putting it into perspective!

  3. I think I could do it...a sort of uniform. But maybe I would just wear the same dress pants...probably black and switch the shirt up a few times. It's easy and kinda keeps your mornings and life more simple. They say Einstein had seven exact same outfits that he just wore each day because he had bigger things to think about! Thin about how easy that would be!