Thursday, December 30, 2010

Todd's Vehicle is Officially Paid Off!

We paid off Todd's vehicle this morning!!!  With my paycheck and his, we had enough to pay off the vehicle and have about $560 left over for the week to live on. 

I am so excited!  That car looks SO much nicer now that we dont owe $227 on it every month!

As a side note, money is going to be tight in January.  I can already tell.
Todd only worked for a few hours yesterday and came home due to some pain he has been having in his jaw.  He couldnt close his jaw completely and he couldnt eat because of the pain.  He called his doctor when they first opened, and they informed him he should go straight to the ER. the ER he went.  It ends up that his TMJ flared up due to stress and exhaustion.  He's had back pain for the past week too, and he says that's why he's so stressed. 

SO...we will be getting a bill from the hospital.  I'm not sure how much his copay is for ER visits.  Not to mention the meds and the mouth-guard he bought.

Luckily, he is OK.  He slept pretty well last night (better than me! I was up at 12:30 with a zillion things going through my head!)  I pray that his back heals soon, and he can eat more than soft foods and liquids soon. 


  1. Congrats! I know this is a huge accomplishment and vehicles do seem to drive and look better when they are paid off!!! You should be able to knock out the rest very soon!! :)

  2. Congrats Meg!! im happy for you ;)

  3. I paid off my car this last yearn in the spring, so I know the feeling. Remember, you will have $227 less going out from now on, so that is like a raise or found money. You can also lower your car insurance immediately. Check into that. I also got safe-driver discounts,and other things removed that my feverish brain cannot remember.