Thursday, February 3, 2011

Engagement Ring

I was listening to Dave Ramsey's podcast the other day, and he gave this younger gentleman the suggestion that an engagement ring should cost no more than  a month's income.  This got me to thinking about my engagement ring.

I am NOT conventional at all.  I bought my own diamond a couple of years before I met Todd.  I have always liked trillion cut diamonds, because they were different, like me.  I also saw how much they cost - it was unreal!  I found this diamond online from a diamond wholesaler in California.  They had a jewelry store very close to where I work, so I asked them to send it to the local store to see if I was interested.

It came about a week later, and I LOVED IT!  It had inclusions (imperfections) and it was not the clearest diamond I've seen, but it was beautiful.  I absolutely loved it.  It was perfect for me...because I am not perfect.

Fast forward a couple of years.  Todd knew that I had bought the diamond.  It was something we discussed when we talked about getting married.  We went to the same jewelry store that I bought the diamond and took a look at settings for an engagement ring.  I liked a plain and simple one.  He knew where the loose diamond was located to take and get set when he was ready.

Then, on July 7th, 2006, Todd surprised me on our way to my aunt's house for my cousin's graduation party.  We passed the Salamanca, NY exit and kept going past Buffalo and up to Niagara Falls.  He took me to this amazing restaurant, and then told me we had a suite overlooking the Falls.  After dinner, he took me to the suite, and proposed with a beautiful ring. 

((Please excuse the fact that our camera is on it's last leg.  It did NOT take very good pictures of my ring.))

When I opened up my lock box, the money for the diamond was in there.  The cost of my ring was less than $500.  I would never want or need a ring that costs one month of Todd's income.  There is no way.  I am perfectly happy with my  3/4 carat trillion-cut ring.  I love it, and I love my husband for understanding WHY I bought my own diamond.  I didnt want my future husband to spend thousands of dollars on an engagement ring.  My partner and the love I felt for him was what was most important to me...not a ring.

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