Saturday, February 5, 2011

"I Dont Cook, I Eat!"

Todd and I met on a dating website.  I remember his profile stating that he loved to cook.  My response to him was, “I’m glad you like to cook, because I like to eat!” 

Prior to Todd, I lived by myself.  I definitely ate, but I went on kicks.  One week, I’d have a craving for baked potatoes, so I’d eat a whole 10 lb bag of baked potatoes within a few weeks; breakfast, lunch AND dinner.  Other times, it was spaghetti.  Sometimes, it was hotdogs (which is ironic, because I think hotdogs are nasty.)  Sometimes it was pizza, chilli or homemade tuna noodle (my mom’s recipe.)

Since meeting Todd, I have really ENJOYED cooking.  I made a new pasta dish a few weekends ago, and Todd was really impressed.  He said, “…and this is from a woman who said she didn’t cook!”  This got me to thinking.  I think the reason I now enjoy cooking is because I realized that it really ISNT that difficult!  Not only that, I get to share my meals with someone else.  It’s not as fun to cook when it’s just for yourself (in my opinion.)  Todd is an excellent cook, and he ENJOYS cooking.  On his days off during the week, I get to come home to one of his concoctions, as we call them.  He enjoys making very large batches, so we are usually eating his concoctions throughout the week or freezing them for a later date.

I think the reason I have come to like cooking so much is because I don’t have to do it every day.  I get a break several times throughout the week.  If anything, I make anywhere from 2-3 dinners a week.  Todd makes 1-2, but we eat leftovers the other days.  Also, I am finding new recipes all the time online, and most of them are pretty awesome!

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