Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I've Sold My 7th Book on Amazon!

I have sold my 7th book in the month on Amazon.  No, selling books on Amazon is not going to make me rich and be able to quit my job, but it's a nice passive source of "play money."    It really only took me a few minutes to list the ISBN numbers and put them online.  It is nothing like Ebay or Craigslist.  Amazon does it all.  The only thing I DONT like is the amount of "commission" Amazon gets.  If I get into selling books in a larger quantity, I think I'll pay the monthly fee and not have to pay the "commissions."  I havent hit the "break even point" yet to justify doing that.

Another great thing for those unsure of if you should sell books on Amazon.
1.) You can use their Media Mail rates and ship the books from your home.  You just print it and put it in the mailbox.
2.) You pay NOTHING to list the books until they sell.

So, book #7 will be going out in the mail.  I will get my $6 for the sale. One more book is out of my armoir and everyone is happy. :-)

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