Friday, February 4, 2011

How Low Can You Go: Cinnamon Rolls

Todd always says that he’s not a “sweets” person. He has told me this since we started talking in December of 2005.  HOWEVER, he LOVES homemade brownies  (recipe from Rachel @ and can devour a batch in no time.

I recently found out that he likes cinnamon rolls!  Who woulda thunk it (I know that this is not proper English, but I say it all the time)?  Not me!  He seems pretty happy with eggs, ham, taters, grits & biscuits for breakfast.  I did not find this out until New Years Eve when I bought prepared cinnamon rolls from Aldi’s to serve when company was staying over. 

I was on a mission to find a recipe to make my own, homemade cinnamon rolls They were pretty darn easy, and turned out super-yummy (even without the frosting!) 

I wanted to compare pricing.  I was floored that the prepared cinnamon rolls from Aldi’s were $1.89/tube.  That tube makes 8 rolls.  This equates to: $0.24/cinnamon roll.

This is what it cost for the homemade ones:
Flour: $0.17                
Sugar: $0.05
Brown Sugar: $0.06
Powdered Sugar: $0.06
Butter: $0.22
Milk: $0.08
Cinnamon: $0.05            (pennies, really)
Baking Powder: $0.10 (again, pennies based on the amount used.)

This made exactly 16 cinnamon rolls. 
I thought they were really small, but then I baked them, and they were BIGGER than the ones I got from the store!

I don’t believe it. 
$0.79 to make a batch of 16 cinnamon rolls!!!
That is a nickel a piece.

Originally, when I started to calculate the prepared, I thought, “Oh, a quarter a roll isn’t that bad.”  But heck, a nickel a roll is a WHOLE LOT BETTER!

We have another keeper!
Next time, I may make a couple of batches and freeze them for quick and easy breakfasts to take on the go if Todd wants to take a few to work in the mornings.

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