Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Squiggy was sick last week and I had to call the vet to get a farm-animal vet to come out to the house and look at him.  I noticed on their website that they have job openings for a receptionist as well as someone to take care of the animals at their facility about 15 minutes away from our home.

I always said I would love to have a job with a company that worked with animals.  I love animals.  When I told Todd this, he said, “No way!”  When I asked why, he said it was because I would be bringing home animals left and right.  OK.  He may be right, but these are the types of jobs that I would really enjoy.

When I saw these open positions, I said, “I wish we had our last debt paid off…”  There have been a few promising positions I’ve seen open over the past few weeks, and I am glad to see them out there.  I just hope there are some available when it comes time for me to say good-bye to where I am currently employed.

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