Friday, February 11, 2011

Surprise Birthday Weekend

My mom told me over a month ago that I should not plan anything for my birthday.  My mom is the best gift-giver in the world.  She is so clever, and knows EXACTLY what I like.

Todd worked my birthday weekend (the weekend of the Super Bowl,) and so it wasn’t too difficult to let him know that I was going away for my birthday with mom.

Mom came over to our house Friday night, after we both got home from work.  She took us out to dinner locally.  Then, Saturday morning, we left at 10:00AM to start our “adventure.”  She wouldn’t tell me what we were doing…and quite frankly, I hate surprises.  I kept guessing what we were doing.  I must have made 60 guesses and I STILL had NO idea what we were going to do.

We drove for an hour and forty-five minutes to a cute college town called Washington, PA.  There, we checked in at this amazing bed & breakfast.  I love B&B’s.  They have so much character, and this one was no different.  I definitely want to go there again with Todd sometime.  It was built in 1888.  If you are anywhere near Pittsburgh and want to check it out, the website is: . After we checked into the B&B, we went to a casino where mom gave me $40 to spend.  I was up some, but she wouldn’t let me cash out and take the money home.  So, I put it all back into the machines eventually.  After the casino, we went to dinner and the last surprise was a play to see Madigaskar at a beautiful theater in Pittsburgh.  What a great day!

Sunday, we woke up (we slept in!) to classical music playing telling us we had 30 minutes until breakfast.  We had assorted fruits with a dollop of peach yogurt, and stuffed French toast with sausage links and OJ.  Oh my goodness, it was SO GOOD!

After that, mom and I did some shopping, and then drove home.  I had a great 30th birthday.  I loved spending time with my mother.  She always spoils us for our birthdays.  And the best part is that my brother is back in the United States now, safe and sound.  That is the best gift of all.

I had a great weekend.  Turning 30 isn’t so bad at all.
I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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  1. Happy B-day, Meg! I love you and am glad you had a great time!