Thursday, February 10, 2011

Squiggy Status

The vet has no idea what is wrong with my cute little Squiggy piggy.  Apparently, the vet couldn’t take his temperature because he was reading colder than her thermometer had available (90 degrees,) which is unusual considering pigs generally are warmer animals.  So, she gave him two shots in the tuckus (butt) and left us with 6 shots to give him throughout the week.

What a joke that is.  When Squiggy had pneumonia, Todd administered the first shot but was out of town with his dad the next day, and I had to do it.  Pigs are smart.  He knows that if you are coming at him with a needle, he’s gonna get it in the butt.  So he runs and screams.  Todd is aware that he is the one that will be administering the 6 shots to my poor little baby.

The vet is not sure what the problem is.  He does not have pneumonia from what she can tell.  After these antibiotics kick in, he should be either better or cured.  The vet mentioned he may have hurt his back or hind legs (which is why he’s having a hard time walking on his back hooves.)

All in all, the visit didn’t cost too much.  However, if Squiggy isn’t better by the end of the week, she will have to come out again for another visit.


  1. I hope Squiggy gets better soon. I hate shots too! :)

  2. Thank you, Rachel. I just went out for the second time tonight to spend some time with him. He's not doing very well at all. :-( He wont eat or drink. I had to bribe him with cooked potatoes and apples. His pot belly is turning into just wrinkles of skin. I laid next to him and cried. I swear that pig knows when I'm sad. I will call the vet tomorrow to see what the next step will be. This all went down on Tuesday. I am so sad.

    I am half tempted to go out and sleep next to him tonight in the bachelor pad. Maybe all he needs is mama's love and arms around him.