Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Todd and I don’t own a mixer.  I will admit, I’ve been jealous when I see those nice mixers on people’s counters and I want one soooooo badly.  I started saving up my weekly allowances to purchase one, but Todd brought up a great point.

When I make bread, dough, cookies, or anything that would require a mixer, it literally takes me 3 minutes to stir the ingredients together.  Todd also mentioned that the mixer would be ONE MORE THING to clean.

So, I’ve done without.  And to be honest, it hasn’t really been an issue.  I used to have one way back when for when I made mashed potatoes (a hand-mixer.  Not the KitchenAide $200 one that I want,) but we seemed to have lost it in the move to our current home.  How do we make mashed potatoes?  With a hand masher.  Todd likes his taters with some clumps in it, and if he is willing to mash them by hand, who am I to complain?

Even though Todd is the KING of kitchen utensils and gadgets, we do not have a mixer, and we are OK with it.

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