Thursday, February 10, 2011


Why does it seem that when we get “extra” money to be able to pay down debt, SOMETHING always happens to deplete the stash that has been saved up?  Why?

Todd received his tax return a few weeks ago and he was able to buy Spring tires for both cars that he has wanted.  The rest of his return was put toward debt.  Then, Squiggy got sick within days of buying the tires and paying down some debt.  When Squiggy gets sick, it’s an expensive vet bill.  It costs $75 to have a vet come to the house, and then whatever is administered, and a lot of times, another visit the week after (which is another $75 bucks minimum.)  Of course, because I paid down a debt, I didn’t leave too much money in our account, so I am freaking that the vet visit will be more than $300 (we have $350 to live on this week.)  And we still have several more days until payday (thank goodness Todd gets paid every week!)

Oh, and the Home Owner’s Insurance that I thought was coming due in AUGUST came in the mail.  That is another $525 that I wasn’t prepared for (my own fault!)  Yes, we have our Emergency Fund, but I don’t like touching that.  I’d rather live VERY TIGHT over the next few weeks and deal with it; which is exactly what we are going to do.

I adore my Squiggy piggy and pray that nothing is seriously wrong with him. 

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