Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book List 2011: The Surrendered Wife by Laura Doyle

The Surrendered Wife by Laura Doyle was on my list of books I wanted to read in 2011. I stated at the beginning of the year that I wanted to be more submissive to my husband. Well, not more, but “submissive,” because truth be told, I was not submissive at all.  It was my way – always. 

When I got this book from the library, I drug my feet because I really didn’t want to open it up and start reading it.  I didn’t want to feel guilt about everything I’d done to Todd over the past 5 years of our relationship.  I didn’t want to hear that I had to agree with everything Todd had to say and wanted to do.  After all, I am a very strong-willed, independent woman!  Girl power! No man can tell ME what to do!  ((Can you say severe daddy issues?  That’s me.))

The first page of the first chapter, my eyes were pried opened.  I am only on Chapter 2 right now, but I feel that this book is a MUST READ for anybody who is in a relationship or married.

Chapter 1: The first sentence talks about respecting your husband.
I thought, “I respect Todd.”  I kept reading what the book had to say, and then I realized that I DO NOT actually respect Todd.  I respect Todd if he does what I want him to do.  Otherwise, I do not.  And because of this, our intimacy has gone WAY DOWN, actually, to zilch, and it is because of this.  Every time I laugh at him or make a face at something he suggests or says, I am DISRESPECTING him.

The book hit the nail right on the head when it said that I may believe that Todd is beneath me.  I never thought of it that way, but why else would MY ideas and suggestions be so much better than his?  Because subconsciously, I thought he was beneath me.

What a kick in the pants Chapter 1 was.

After reading this first chapter, I decided that I want to read a chapter, sit and reflect on it, and then write about it on the blog.  I also decided after page one, this is a book that I will be getting out from the library every 6 months to keep the ideas in the forefront of my mind.  I want to practice these principals daily with Todd and hopefully watch our intimacy grow.

I challenge you to read this book with me.  Does your library have a copy available?  I want to read your thoughts and stories about each chapter as well as share mine.  If anyone is interested in reading this book with me, please let me know and I will put it down for the time being until we can possibly get a group of people to read the book together and discuss.

Each chapter is an easy read.  It would take about 15 minutes a day to read.  Maybe another 15 minutes to reflect upon.

Is anybody interested?

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