Monday, February 7, 2011


Recently, I called Tractor Supply (TSC as some call it) to see if they had a firm date on when we can expect the chicks to come to our local store.  The last time I called (about a month ago,) I was informed that they come after the bunnies…as if that is helpful!  I figured they’d be at the stores around Easter.  Boy, was I wrong!

When I called February 1st, I was told that they could be in the stores within the next 3-4 weeks!  I was asked to call them back mid-February to get a firm date.  So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I then took a look online to see when the hatcheries are starting to ship their chicks, and it looks like they are starting February 7th!  I cant believe it.  It seems like yesterday Todd gave me the go-ahead to get chicks, and now, it is about time to get them.  They will be a welcome addition to “the farm.” 

We are trying to find a way to house them outside when they are bigger.  Todd is trying to use what we have so that these chicks don’t cost us an arm and a leg.  The main reason for wanting the chicks is for the eggs, help with the bugs, and fertilizer.

I found an awesome house for them on for $499.  That is a BIT too much in my opinion (by like $450!)  Todd said he could make it for $150.  I still decided that was a bit much for 3 chicks (it would take over a year and a half to recoop the cost of housing the chicks.) The way I see it, when they are of laying age, we would get 3 eggs a day, or 21 eggs a week. I am basing everything off of 3 chicks providing $1.68 worth of eggs a week.  I know that when it gets cold, that will not happen. 

We have a very large metal dog crate that my mom gave us when she gave me Squiggy as a piglet.  That crate has been a sleeping area for Squiggy (until he got too big for it,) Lana, and the kittens.  Todd is going to recycle the crate and make it into a hen house.  It will be moveable, it will be 2 floors, have a roof and an area for the hens to lay their eggs.  I have seen the scamatics, and it looks really cool.  I cant wait to see the finished project.  I hate to use the crate that cost my mom over $100, but we don’t really need it. 

I have been thinking about names.  I kind of like – Chick, A, and Dee. So I can say, “Here chickadee!”  I know…so corny.

As I have mentioned about three thousand times, I really want this year’s gifts to people to be homemade gifts.  I know my father would LOVE a dozen or two of REAL eggs.  He grew up on a farm and there is nothing like fresh eggs. 

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