Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Selling Books Online

In the month of January, I sold 8 books on  I am thrilled that they have sold, and look forward to selling many more in the future.  I currently have 5 books that have NOT sold, but the way I see it, I’ve sold more than are sitting on my bookshelf (OK, it’s not a bookshelf.  It’s my clothes armoire and there is a stack of clothing next to the books that have not sold.)

I got a book from the library entitled, The Home-Based Bookstore by Steve Weber.  I started reading it, and it is really making me excited to sell more books!  Weber’s book gives recommendations on what type of books sell and which ones don’t.  Where to buy books, and where to stay away from them.  He also provides a slew of websites that are great references!

Where do I go from here?  Well, at the next book sale I come across, I will definitely be looking for books to sell and I will use the profits I made from the books I’ve sold thus far.  Weber’s book states that it’s easy to get into this business to make a passive income up to $40,000/year or more.  He started with $80 from his “meager savings account.”  He states it took him 3 months to make enough income to replace his j-o-b.

I informed Todd that I would eventually like to get a bookshelf to house the books I purchase and are selling.  Until then, the armoire is doing a fine job of housing my few books. 

I am interested to see where this “venture” takes me.  For the first time, I am not “over-the-top” infatuated with making big bucks from books.  But I AM anxious to see where this avenue takes me.  

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