Saturday, October 30, 2010

Green With Envy

I know of several people who are envious of others.  There is a woman where I work that owns a $250,000+ home in a nice neighborhood and acts as though their family is broke.  They built this home 12 years ago and now have 2 kids.  She talks frequently of who has what, who is driving what, who makes what on their street, and the expensive vacations everyone is going on in their area.  Mind you, they went on a 2 ½ week vacation to Italy where her husband still has family.  That COULDN’T have been inexpensive.

My father is the same way.  He lives in a modest home with his wife, granddaughter and my step-sister.  My father has always been into “toys.”  We had jet-ski’s growing up, a pop-up camper, dirt bikes, street bikes, etc.  Before he was fired from his job last year, he was making a six-figure income, but always wanted more.  Wanted a bigger house, wanted a better motor home (Todd and I could LIVE in his motor-home, by the way,) newer vehicles, nice vacations…you get the point.

It makes me wonder why people are so “green with envy” when they already have SO MUCH.  The only answer I can come up with is that they are not content with their belongings or with themselves.

There is one person that I look up to, and that is a co-workers of mine who lives in a modest home with her hubby.  They are in their 50’s. She works – he is a stay at home husband.  They have no children.  Some think this set-up is odd, but I don’t see anything wrong with it. They own one vehicle, are debt free (including the house!), and live a very minimalist life…by CHOICE.  They have over a half million in the bank, but are able to continue to save every month on just ONE INCOME.  THIS is what I look up to.  It is these types of things I strive for in MY future.

I am perfectly happy with our $35,000 fixer-upper home.  Our mortgage is $57,000 because we needed to put in a new septic, a new roof, and some other home repairs, but we are still happy with the place.  I love my little Bianca and Todd loves his Rondo.  We don’t have much other than these things, but we are happy with them!  We have nothing to prove to anyone!  Todd’s mother said we live like “trailer trash.”  What would warrant her saying something like that to her own son?  Because she thinks we need to spend more money on food!!  Yes…you read correctly.  We do things we enjoy…on the cheap!  To be honest, if that warrants us as “trailer trash,” I’m proud to be it!!!  By the way, I don’t feel there is anything wrong with living in a trailer.  Obviously, others do!


  1. What a great post! I think you are doing things just right! We are eager to finally own a home and we want a fixer-upper that comes at the right price! How much better can it get than making a home into your own - from the bottom up, literally! You will be so proud of your home once everything falls in to place and I think you will appreciate it more than others appreciate their large, expensive homes!

    How encouraging to read about your co-worker! That is truly inspirational! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shelley,
    Thank you for your comment! It is really sweet.
    We HAVE made the home into our own. From carpet and orange linolium (sp?) flooring, to painted walls with trim and generic Pergo flooring. Todd has done a great job. We still have a few more rooms to go, but we are well on our way.

    Just know that there ARE lots of stresses with fixer-uppers. Pretty much everything that could go wrong or bad in this house has. The furnace was defective and burnt some things, the hot water tank crapped out, the septic was bad, the water pipes froze (while we were living here!) BUT..we have alot of stories to tell beacuse of it.

    I hope you are able to find your perfect fixer-upper. :-)