Saturday, October 30, 2010

Surprise For Dinner

I was talking to Todd about dinner options for me to make this weekend.  I led him to believe that we will be having grilled cheese & tomato soup for dinner on Saturday when he gets home from work. 

Even though I was OK with this, I was thinking about something special I could make for him.  Something different.  I make the same things over and over again (spaghetti, chicken parm, chicken fajitas, steak with taters & vegetable, pizza, chicken casserole, potato soup, chili, etc.)

I turned Todd onto sushi when we first met.  One of our favorites is eel and rice (unagi-don).  We have both tried our hand at making our own sushi rolls with not the best of luck.  Unagi-don is a bed of rice with eel over it and eel sauce.We both really like eel sauce, and I finally found a recipe that doesn’t seem too difficult to make!  So, I am going to try.

Unagi Don

Todd bought cans of sardines from Ollies at $0.59/can.  I have decided that instead of going out to purchase eel, I will use the sardines.  I will marinate them in the eel sauce.  I may do the bed of rice with eel, or I may try to make little rolls to eat with chopsticks.  I’m not sure where we got some awesome chopsticks, but we have them in the cupboard (2 sets of them!)  I also have some nori (seaweed) from when I tried to make sushi in the past.


So…instead of spending $40 at our favorite sushi restaurant, I will be using up what we have in the house.  You cant beat it!

Todd always says when I cook a nice dinner, “You’ve really outdone yourself this time, honey.”  I have a feeling he will say this at this meal. And I’ll take it!


  1. That's sweet! Hope you enjoy your meal!!

  2. Todd enjoyed the meal...and was completely surprised. It turned out really well, if I may say so. He even said, "This would have cost us $50 at Sakura...and we wouldnt have gotten nearly as much!" I told him I wrote nearly exactly that on the blog and he laughed. I think this recipe is a keeper for special occasions. :-)