Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Before Todd and I got together, he always had Thanksgiving at his house for his family.  Since we got together, we have been going to my grandmother’s house (my father’s mother) for Thanksgiving every year, and then spending time with his parents the day after, and then my mom that weekend (my parents are divorced.) 

The last year or two, we said that we’d go to Gram’s because “we don’t know how many more Thanksgivings we’ll have with her.”  She’s 80 years old this year, and other than her most recent scare of breast cancer (to which was all removed and she has been on radiation,) she is healthy as a horse!  Probably healthier than I am!  Grandma is my only surviving grandparent.

My step-brother (my step-father’s son) and his family are going to my mom’s house this year from Kansas (they visit only once a year.)  Mom asked if we’d like to celebrate Thanksgiving with all of them.  And then there is Todd’s parents who don’t care when we come over to see them.

So, I am torn.  I hate to miss Grandma’s Thanksgiving this year; however, we saw the whole family in October for my cousin’s wedding.  It would be great to celebrate with my mom and my step-brother and his family who I get to see maybe once a year if I’m lucky.  But then that leaves out Todd’s parents.  Todd’s parents are very set in their ways. I was thinking about inviting them to my mom’s house (my mom would love it if they’d come,) but they would complain about the drive (2 hours away,) and they’d stay for maybe an hour. 

I am thinking I may talk to my father this weekend when I see him at my niece’s birthday party about possibly skipping Gram’s Thanksgiving and going to mom’s.  I haven’t been to my mom’s Thanksgiving dinner on the actual date of Thanksgiving for over 5 years.  And then maybe we will go to Todd’s parents house the day after as we always do and just sit around, watch TV, and pig out.  I am thinking maybe next year, we will have it at our house and have his parents over and anyone else that wants to come.

Do you have difficulties like this during the holidays?  If so, how do you come to a compromise?

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