Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Living Room (A Work in Progress)

This is our Living Room.  This has been changed several times since we moved in.  The furniture in it now is wicker furniture I got from my mother until we find a place outside for it next year.  Actually, most of the furniture in this room is from my mother and her husband when they moved out of their house and into their condo that was fully-furnished.  We made out well!! 

View from the french doors 

 View from the other side of the room looking toward the french doors & kitchen/dining room area
View into the dining/kitchen area

View from the kitchen/dining area

((Sorry for the blurry photos - that is my fault.  I tend to move before I know the picture has been taken.))

The floors originally had moldy carpet on them.  Our house is on a cement slab, so when we (meaning Todd) took out the carpet, there was a cement floor.  Todd did some research and found that he could buy some cement and made designs and color the cement.  Well..that was great, until we found out the floor wasnt even!  That is why some areas are lighter than others.  It's not dirt/dust, it is the way the coloring slid.  We now have hardwood flooring to put in the room, but we (again, meaning Todd) havent had a chance to put it in yet.  We arent putting it in until next year because the wood burning stove has to be taken out to do the flooring.  This stove heats up this side of the house for us at a minimal cost.

This room is where we put the Christmas tree.  We dont really use it often.  I like to go in there and read next to the pot bellied stove in the winter, but my wing-back chair isnt in there anymore.  Maybe I will ask Todd to put it back in a few months..  The table is in there because it was from my mom, and we needed more table-space for our 4th of July party.  The piano is the first new piano my parents surprised me with as a child.  They had an old upright they got for free out of someone's basement and made sure I kept up with piano lessons for at least a year. Then, when I went to my best friend's house in Pennsylvania for two weeks, they bought me this.  It was a pleasant surprise, and I cant stand to get rid of it.  I would like to re-learn how to play.

So, there you have it.  Our Living Room.


  1. Your living room looks nice :0) It's neat to see where you live! After knowing you for so many years, it's neat to see!! It's really nice of your mom to give you all the furnishings!! Looks great!

  2. Love your stove!! I'm jealous...I would love to have a stove or fireplace!!

    You've done a great job decorating with your hand-me-down furniture!! The living room looks so cozy and comfy!!

  3. Thank you Kim & Rachel.
    I will admit - I did not decorate it at all. Todd does it, and does a good job at it! Everything in the house was decorated by Todd. Yes, I married a jack of all trades. I am really lucky! :-)

    I will admit something else - the only reason there are pictures because it was clean last week! :-) I may try to take pictures of the bedroom next. One of these days when the laundry is all done and the bed is made! No Rachel, we dont make our bed everyday!!! Actually, it's unmade more than it is made in our house. :-)