Saturday, October 2, 2010

Grocery Budget

I have decided that our grocery budget for this month will be $200.
I noticed on our account that we've come in UNDER budget with our groceries for most months, so lets see if we can keep up with the trend.

Today, I stocked up on alot of items.
Instead of going to the store every week to week and a half, I bought 2 gallons of milk and froze one.  I am hoping not to have to go to the store until after the 15th.  I also bought some fish for us to eat in the next two weeks, a small turkey ham for our breakfasts, and a roasting chicken (which makes 2 meals for us.)

I also stopped by Nickles Bakery Outlet on my way to Aldi's.  Oh, how I love that store. 
Carbaholics unite!

At any rate, the budget is $200 for the month of October.
As of today, I spent exactly $69 from 3 stores.  It is odd that it ended up being a whole number, but it is what it is.

What is your grocery budget?

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