Friday, October 1, 2010


In the past month, we’ve been trying to lower our recurring payments as much as we can.  That would include the trash, DSL, satellite dish, propane prices, etc.  I was able to save us over $800/year by (insert link) downgrading or negotiating prices.

I gave in!  Hubby was utterly unhappy when we downgraded our satellite dish.  The few stations he enjoyed were taken away, leaving just 2 that he liked, but they kept replaying the same show over and over again.  When I say he was miserable, I mean he was M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E!  It was not something he internalized, I felt how tense he was and it was affecting our relationship. 

Last Monday, Todd started to do some research and decided he wanted not only to go back to the plan we originally had, but one step higher for $10 more a month.  I really couldn’t rationalize increasing our recurring payment, so we agreed that he would pay for the additional $10/month on top of what our old payment was out of his allowance money.  So, yes, I gave in.

I will admit, one of our leaches is something I wanted: unlimited text messaging.  Todd and I communicate throughout the day through texting because I cannot use my cell phone at work. Instead, I have to go into the bathroom and text from there.  I know, pitiful, but if I wanted to talk to my husband, that is how we have to do it.  That leach is $30/month.

So, we moved backwards on the satellite dish.  Having a happy hubby is so much more worth it than saving that extra $15-20/month!  

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