Sunday, December 19, 2010

Book List 2011

I decided that instead of just reading books throughout the year randomly (or when I get obsessed about a certain topic,) I will try to have some organization and read based on a book list.  So far, this is what I am going to try to read in 2011:

The Five Love Languages (I have taken this out from the library at least 3 times but haven’t been past the second chapter!)

Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

The Money Answer Book

Can I be a Christian without being weird?

Courage to Change

Dangerous Surrender

The Surrendered Wife

Outlive Your Life

Your Money God’s Way

…that leaves 3 more books to go for 2011.  Any suggestions?

These are books I’ve wanted to read but haven’t had the chance to actually do it.  Well…this year, I’m going to knock ‘em out!


  1. Good for you, Meg! Reading is such fun!

    I like the power of a praying wife...

  2. Perfect! It is added to the list. Thank you. :-)

  3. How about Under the Overpass? It is eye opening!

    (P.S. We must think alike, because I read more than half of the rest of your list!)

  4. Great! It's added to my list! Just one more to go! :-)