Saturday, December 25, 2010

Spoiled Rotten

I will admit it, I am spoiled rotten.  My mom knows me so well, she knows what I'd like even before I do! She is great with giving gifts.  However, she always goes overboard.

This year for Christmas, I got:

New jammies (a staple in our family.  Mom made us get a shower on Christmas Eve because "Santa doesnt deliver gifts to dirty kids!" As soon as we'd get out of the shower, there would be new jammies on the counter for us to wear that where delivered by "elves.")

An apple peeler and corer!  I cant wait to get another box of apples!  It will be so easy to peel and core them!  Also, I'd like to get a couple of trees, so this corer will get lots of use for years to come.

A beautiful necklace with a saying for Daughters.  I love it!

A beautiful black pearl necklace (I love this one too!)  The story behind the black pearl necklace is that I had one many years ago.  The chain broke at a restaurant, and the pearl rolled somewhere.  We could never find it.  I even asked the employees to keep an eye out for it, but it was never found.  Well, now I have a new black pearl necklace.

Then, we had our combined gift.  It was a Keurig machine.  I fell in love with some coffee at mom's house from their Keurig machine.  I was hooked.  Well, now we have one of our own, and lots of drinks to go with it.  Todd HATES coffee.  He cant even handle the SMELL of coffee.  But mom bought him some hot cider k-cups, chai latte cups, and cocoa.  I got some coffee blends.

As I mentioned, mom went overboard, as always. 
We are definitely spoiled rotten.


  1. These gifts look very thoughtful. We gave the boys new pajamas on Christmas Eve, but I never thought of carrying that into adulthood. I like that idea. ;-)

  2. Hubby and I actually got 3 new pairs of jammies! Because my parents are divorced, my mom gave us both jammies. My step-mom gave us jammies (I guess it is a tradition in their family as well,) and my husband's parents gave us jammies. We are good on PJ's for the Winter! :-)