Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Chickens Get An Upgrade!

The chickens seemed a bit cramped in the little Rubbermaid container we had them in.  I cant believe how quickly they are growing.  It has been a lot of fun to watch.

Todd had a great idea to use our plastic garden container as a chicken area until the chicken coop is complete.  The garden container has been used for garden supplies at one time, was made into a grow-box for our vegetable plants last year, and now a chicken house for the next 8-10 weeks until it's time to put them outside.  They seem to be MUCH happier, and they chase each other around the area.  It's so funny to watch.

Here are a few pictures :
Squished chicks
The new box
Still squished
Spreading her wings
Close-up of the one I call fluffernutter
New area - so much more room!
Getting aquainted
Little Runt


  1. Cute chicks! Our chickens are so tame...the kids love them! The chickens are always trying to get into the house when we open the door! One we call Blackie...she's like a cat...really...she's always with you, she loves people and likes to be held and fun!

  2. We had chicks once, and you're right, they do grow so fast!

    I like the new home for the chicks - great idea!

  3. That's what I did, just put them in ever larger containers. However, I had ten in a box that size. Isn't it precious when they stretch those little wings?