Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm Sig

What is “sig,” you ask?  When you have such bad sinus problems, you cant really pronounce “sick.” So, in our home, we call it “sig.”  And that is exactly what I am right now.

People at work have been passing around a cold, and though I don’t think I have a cold (denial,) I have major congestion!  I am fortunate enough not to get sinus headaches, but when my sinuses are clogged, my ears feel like they are clogged.  They feel like I am in an airplane or on a high mountain and need to pop them, but cant.  The pressure is horrendous, and it makes me feel as though I’m in a daze.

With my sinuses completely clogged, I have a really hard time breathing.  I am NOT a mouth-breather.  It’s times like these that I realize how much I breathe through my nose.  Also, when I have a hard time breathing, I get a little paranoid.  Even though it was over a year and a half ago that I had severe H1N1,  that hospital stay and recovery are not things I want to go through again.  Nor do I want to put my family though that again.

I have given in and took a decongestant for the past couple of days, which helps for a little while.  If things get worse, I promise to go to the doctor.  Otherwise, I think I’ll just suffer through it as I always do.

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