Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Beginning?

Over the past week, I have been contemplating whether or not I want to keep up with the blog.  I was considering not writing any longer – cold turkey.  And then it dawned on me.  I ENJOY writing on the blog!  I ENJOY taking pictures and showing everyone my world.  Why would I want to stop doing that?

I feel like I don’t have many readers, and I wonder if anyone gets anything out of my posts.  I know the blog is a mish-mash of everything that goes on in my life from great deals we find, to our animals, how we save money, rants, my dreams and everything in between. 

I have also been dreading work lately.  It is to the point that I cannot stand going into work in the mornings and I count down the hours until I leave.  I was texting Todd while at work asking him if I can quit.  He said, “Sure, as long as you have another job lined up!” 

Then, the next day, he said, “Why don’t you blog?  There are people who make money blogging! It’s something you seem to have a lot of energy about doing.”  You know, he has a point.  It seems like when we are out and about, I say, “I am going to blog about this.”  Or if we find a way to save money, I tell him I am going to blog about it.

My fears about starting a blog:

  1. No one will join
  2. No one will care
  3. I will offend some people
  4. I will not write well enough (I can tell my English and spelling skills are going down the tubes.  I blame it on spell-check and not writing enough!)
  5. I will not be able to come up with enough content
  6. I will fail

I feel I have some topics that haven’t been covered by other bloggers.  I would like to create a blog about homesteading (or partial-homesteading,) quick and easy recipes, money savings tips, garden basics, how to save on vacations, getting healthy, how to use certain sites like SwagBucks, teaching about chickens and how easy they are and have been to raise, simplifying our lifestyle, negotiating on bills, great websites for saving money on eating out or fun activities, and much, much more.  I would like to do a little blogging, a little vlogging (video blogging,) lots of discussions and a lot of pictures.

I am not looking to make lots of money blogging.  I am looking to make a passive stream (or trickle) of income and help others along the way.

What are your thoughts on all of this?
Should I take the plunge?


  1. I think you are would make the perfect blogger, i know i enjoy THIS blog and check it several times a day lol

  2. Missy...of course you would say that. You are my best friend! But I appreciate your comment. Love you!

  3. Aren't you blogging now? I quickly looked over your post and saw only one mistake--get the comma after the parentheses, not inside. I am an English teacher and make more than that on a good day. Don't even worry about your skills in this area.

    Look at blogs you like that don't offend you with their selling and do similar things. You know I don't mean for you to copy...okay, copy.

    I have not tried to monetize, but want to.

  4. I have enjoyed your blog very much! I dont think you should worry about your writing skills or any thing else. My darling husband and I also have a homesteading blog, but it is more for family and friends, and just general knowledge for anyone who wants to read. We enjoy blogging together very much. Kind of like a journal of our journey through becoming self-sufficient homesteaders. We live in KY and have several acres and many animals. I would love to be a follower of yours, but do not see a link to become one. maybe I missed it. By the way if you are interested we are

  5. Thank you for commenting, Holly! Welcome to SimplyBonkers! :-) This is my personal blog, but I am looking to do another one that is not as personal - more informational. It is still in the works.

    I'm so glad you found me, and I have added your blog to the list to keep up with. Thank you!!! I cant wait to learn about you your family and your homestead!

  6. PP - if I figure out how to monetize a blog, maybe I'd post about it for others to do the same! Again, I'm not looking to replace my income, but maybe some Google Adsense (is that what it's called?) or something of the sort just for searching the website for topics I cover.

    I will admit, as of last night, I was a bit discouraged about the whole thing, but after reading these comments, I may just give it a whirl. What do I have to lose?