Friday, March 18, 2011

Double Dipping

Todd has been making fun of me for several months now because I get so excited about earning SwagBucks.  I threatened him that I’d sign him up one day!  Well, I finally did it. I don’t think he realizes how quickly I accumulate SB’s and how many $5 gift cards I’ve accumulated from doing nothing out of the ordinary but search the internet, something I do every day at work.  I now have 3 people I’ve referred and I get points when they get points for searching the internet.  I will admit, the reason behind signing up Todd was completely selfish.  I wanted more points!  After just a few days, he’s already up to 100 SB’s.  He has earned me over 60 SB’s, and between the two of us, I hope to be getting enough points to get a $5 gift card every two weeks or sooner.

I am accumulating gift cards to right now for Mother’s Day gifts for my mom as well as Todd’s mom.  I have $20 worth of gift cards from using SB’s, and need only 20 more SB’s to get my next $5 card.  Total for Mother’s Day Gifts that I need to accumulate: $40!  I’m half-way there. 

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