Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dog Bed

Since Lana has been an indoor dog most of the time when Squiggy passed a few weeks ago, we have been looking into getting her a doggy bed so that she can have a place all her own to sleep without being locked in the crate at night.

We looked at Ollies, a discount store, and found the beds for $19.99, and they weren’t quite big enough for our moose of a puppy.  We have kept an eye open on Freecycle for one as well as any store we go to.

I was driving to work one day last week and I noticed that someone down the street from us was putting their garbage out early.  There was a dog bed on the top and it seemed to be in decent condition.  I stopped to look at it and the guy came out with more stuff for the trash pile.  I was a little embarrassed, asking him if he minded if I took the dog bed.  He said it was wet.  So I said thank you and went on my way to work.  I called Todd and asked him to go take a look at it (he was off that day) more closely.  He did so, and he thought it was in good enough condition for us to try it out.  He said that just a little section was wet.  He immediately went to the laundry mat down the street (the bed is too big for our washer) and pumped in $3.50 for the large washing machine with some detergent, bleach and fabric softener.  He then put $1.00 worth of quarters into the dryer to get some of the dog hair off of the bed and then put it in front of our fireplace to dry the rest of the way.

We ended up getting a $30+ dog bed for $4.50.  The thing is, even if we bought a dog bed at the store, we’d still probably take it to the laundry mat to clean a couple times a year.  Todd doesn’t see that as an expense for the dog bed – I do.


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  1. Wouldn't vacuuming the dog bed get the hair off? It seems I have read about something to rub on the surface of sofas to get the hair off, maybe a microfiber cloth. A day in the sun now and then would help keep it fresh. Maybe the expensive machine use could be cut to once a year.