Sunday, March 6, 2011

Master Bedroom

I noticed that I hadnt posted anything on one room of the house that we use quite a bit, the Master Bedroom.  I love it in the Master Bedroom.  This was one of the FIRST rooms that was completed when we moved into the house.  It had some major structural damage (the floor sloped downward a good 5 inches,) but Todd fixed it.  I dont call him Super-Todd for nothing!

Not only that, this room is our safe haven.  We have many talks lying in bed, many laughs, and just good times (wink - wink.) 

Most of the furniture in this room is Todd's, except for the armoires.  It is amazing the same taste we have in furniture (and colors.)  I'm sure you notice that all of our rooms are painted the same color, and we have alot of browns and maroons, but those are the colors we like.  It is calm and relaxing to us.  There is ONE thing we bought together in this room just a few years ago, and that is a brand new mattress.  His was about 10 years old and in pretty rough shape.  We decided that we spend so much time in bed, that we would purchase a GOOD mattress that will last us a long time.  And that is exactly what we did.  We paid nearly $2,000 for the mattress and 2 pillows (amazing foam pillows) from a place that makes them locally.   It was quite a bit of money, but let me tell you, since day 1, we have slept like babies on this mattress.  Plus, we dont plan on needing a new one for a very long time.

At any rate, here are the pictures:


  1. I absolutely love your bed, bedroom, and the colors. That shade of brown does it for me because it is sort of pinkish. White curtains, sheers, are my favorite window coverings. You made a good choice to purchase a really good mattress. Even if your bed were not beautiful, you could sleep well and appreciate any old The ac above the bed works so well for me to block sound. If I ever had a house with central heat and air, I would still have a window ac to keep the bedroom cold and save energy on the central unit. Plus, it would be a good sound machine. Thanks for posting your pictures of the bedroom.

  2. That's funny. I dont even recognize the AC in the bedroom anymore. That was a compromise between me and hubby. He wanted to use the AC units in the house. I said he could have one sacred room of cool in the summer with AC. He chose the bedroom. I prefer using the ceiling fans.

    Thank you for the comment! :-)