Monday, October 18, 2010

Who Knows About Your Blog?

Bloggers nicoleandmaggie asked the question a few weeks ago about whether or not to tell their mother.  For me, no one knows about my blog but two close friends from out of state, and the online blogging community.

I will admit – I have just 1 follower (thanks Sarah!) on and one other blogger that comments on my blog regularly (thanks nicoleandmaggie!)  My daily views are normally less than 50.  Yes, I could have that increased if I told everyone I know about my blog, but I have decided not to.

Everyone I know is aware that I’m a little nutty (Bonkers!), but they don’t need to see it in print!! 

My husband knows that I blog and the name of the blog, but he does not have my URL address.  I think this blog helps our marriage, because quite frankly, I think about money, frugality, simplicity and recipes quite a bit.  By writing down my thoughts, I don’t feel the need to tell him everything going on in my mind (which is a lot – always!)  He cares about “the numbers” about as much as I care about the Cleveland Browns.  I don’t!

My mother, who is my bestest friend in the whole wide world doesn’t know about the blog. 

This blog is a muse for me that I can sit and write about all of my rantings whenever I want.  If I want to talk about my friends, I can!  If I have a beef with my husband, you’ll know about it (thanks to counseling, those are becoming few and far between.) 

So, who knows about your blog?


  1. Family, friends, friends of my parents & in-laws, people at church all know about my blog! Due to this, I sometimes feel like I cannot post things that I really want to write about! I think it's a great outlet for you when people you know in real life don't know about your blog!!

  2. Thanks for linking to us!

    In the end, I told my mom. She replied (paraphrasing here... she was much more polite) that it was boring. So all that questioning for nothing.

  3. Rachel-if you ever start your own blog "in private," I want the link! Your secrets are safe with me. :-)

    Nicole and Maggie - See...all that worrying for nothing. :-) And she thinks your boring? Ugh.

    I'm not telling my mom. As I mentioned, she's my best friend. She joined me on a messageboard, and I've had to monitor some of my comments. Like what I bought her for Christmas! :-) She gets really upset when she finds things out on FaceBook instead of me calling her. I'm not a phone person! What can I say? Neither is she! We're two peas in a pod.