Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Day One Year Ago Today...

This day, one year ago today, I was admitted into the hospital with H1N1.  I am still learning new things about my stay that I was unaware of.  I knew that H1N1 nearly took my life, but what I was unaware of is that there were a couple of nights that they (meaning the doctors) didn’t expect for me to live through.

As I’ve mentioned before, every day for the past year, I’ve thought about my hospital in one way or another.  I met so many great people (the nurses/doctors), and my family came together for me.  The prayers for me from people I didn’t even know (those my step-father worked with at a hospital hundreds of miles away along with several prayer-chains) that got me through this.

I am so thankful to be here today.


  1. So glad you are here today too! I remember reading the updates about you last year and being worried! Praise the Lord for modern medicine and wise doctors!!

  2. What a scary thing. I can't imagine how you must feel going into this flu season. What a powerful story of prayer for you! Amazing things CAN happen through God.

    Thank you for you visit to our family blog and for your sweet comments!

  3. Sounds awful! Thank goodness you are here a year later to tell the tale, right?

  4. Thank you, everyone. As for flu-season being here, I was a bit worried. Especially when all the kids went back to school and had runny noses and coughs. But, I have taken all the precautions I can. I have my pneumonia shot which lasts 5 years and my flu shot for this year. If anything where to happen, it was His will and another opportunity to learn from it.

    This day a year ago, I was in a coma. That is very humbling to think about. Todd was not able to come and see me because he had H1N1 and they wouldnt permit him to come into the hospital. After a few days, he told me mom that he was coming and no one could stop him. That was when they thought I wouldnt make it through the night. Makes you wanna give your hubby a big hug and kiss, eh? :-) I know I will when he gets home.

    God is good!!!