Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Article: Secret Spending

I found this article on money.cnn.com and it completely blew my mind.  It actually made me angry.

Secret spending?  Are you kidding me?  “I deserve it.”  Bull!  You DON’T deserve it.  Why?  Because you are lying to your loved one.  You are deceiving them.  A line in the movie Little Black Book states, “Omission is betrayal.”  I completely agree with this. 

And all of the items these people are “secretly spending” on are expensive items!  If I want Jimmy Choo’s (I never would because I’m not big into names or expensive items in general,) I would save my allowance of $25/week for months to buy them.  Not “secretly” buy them without Todd knowing.  One woman has to buy groceries on her mother’s credit card and pay her back to feed their kids because she overspent on their credit card and her husband gets mad.

I think these people have a problem.  Every single last one of them has a problem with impulse buying.  Really…how many pairs of shoes does one person need?

I will admit, I made a STUPID purchase myself this year and that was for the business.  I wish I wouldn’t have, but I cant return the items.  I have admitted it to Todd and begged for his forgiveness. 

If  Todd or I were to do this regularly, I would guarantee our marriage would be pretty rocky (again.)  If you cant be on the same page as your spouse, how could it possibly last for the long-haul? 

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