Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I don’t know if I could ever retire.  On Thanksgiving break, I had Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off from work.  Todd and I were together Thursday and Friday, and then he had to go to work on Saturday and Sunday.  By Saturday, I was bored out of my mind!!  There is only so much I can do online, only so long I can play with the animals, and straighten up the house.  OK, I’m sure I could have done a better job cleaning up the house, but that wasn’t happening.  TV was boring. I didn’t even cook (I know…what a lazy bum!)  To be honest, I didn’t even get dressed Friday, Saturday or Sunday (TMI!)  When I went out to feed Squiggy and Lana, I went out in my robe.

I like to think that I could retire and find things to do, but it wasn’t happening Thanksgiving weekend!  I don’t really have any hobbies.  My animals are my “fun time,” and sometimes, even they get on my nerves.  I probably should have listed some of my gift items on Etsy, but didn’t.  Oh well.

Then I start to think that this doesn’t only effect when I “retire,” but if I choose to stay home with children in the future.  Could I have a schedule and get everything done within the day?  Would I actually clean the bathroom floor, or scrub the kitchen sink?  I despise cleaning (but love coming home to a clean home.)  Would I go absolutely crazy if I stayed around the house 7 days a week?  If it’s anything like Thanksgiving, I may need to reconsider my future plans!

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  1. LOL...trust me...with children in the home, things never get boring! You could always play with them, read to them, watch a movie with them just to hear them laugh...there's lovin' to do with kiddos...so no boring stuff...you'll be fine!