Saturday, February 26, 2011


I keep seeing posts about gardens, and it makes me long for Spring, when I can start planting this year's abundance.  I realized that I had absolutely NO pictures of our garden on the blog.  So, this is last year's garden.  Todd made the fence in Squiggy's fenced in area.  The fence was FREE to make.  It was oak pieces of wood that was used with skids from work.  It is hard wood, and piggy-proof. We got a truckload of dirt to make the mounds, so that wasnt cheap, but over the years, it will definitely pay itself off.  This year, we need to get more gravel for the paths in between the mounds.  I will also be adding more dirt around the outside part of the garden to plant more items.  There was just too much unused room last year on the edges.

So, here goes.
These pictures were taken the last week of May 2010 and June 1st 2010.


Inside Garden

Seeds have been planted (greenbeans are what have sprouted!)

June 1st : everything is growing!

Greenbeans (bush beans)

Zukes - flowered alot, but I had to polinate them to get them to grow mid-season
My first cuke plant ever.  We will have many more this year. 
Red Raspberries - started out as just a few canes.  Now, they are taking over the world! :-)  Yeah right. I wish.

Potted blueberry.  1st season of having the plant.
The potted strawberries.  I killed them by not fertilizing (this is their second year in these pots) or watering.  Will do better this year, I promise.

Some of the produce

There you have it.
No, onto this season's garden! :-)

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