Friday, February 25, 2011

My First SB Purchase

I had accumulated $45 worth of SwagBucks since starting in December to search online using the SB toolbar.  We made our first purchase with SB’s, and we got a new camera!  No, the camera wasn’t $45, it was actually $109 with free shipping, but we had a gift card from my Uncle Todd from Christmas, and decided to use that along with my SB’s to get our camera for FREE (with $36 left over for another day on the gift card.)

Right now, we are waiting to receive the camera in the mail, but I cant wait to get it.  Our Fuji camera was dropped into water a few years ago, and has been very blurry and not focusing as it used to.  So, we look forward to learning about our new camera and hoping it takes great pictures for us.

The next item I want to buy with SB’s – my mom’s Mother’s Day gift – a scale she wants.  $35.  Right now, I have $10 SB’s, $25 more to go by May.

After that, I’d like to buy a water-bath canner for myself so I can use when it’s time to can this Summer.   

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