Saturday, September 18, 2010

I was lucky enough to marry someone who is as frugal as I am!

(Please note: I wrote this BEFORE Todd and I started having a heated discussion about our well water and him inviting a high-sales team in to test our water on Monday.)

I cant tell you how many people I meet who have a saver husband (and they are a spender) and vice versa.  I couldn’t imagine what it’d be like to have a spendthrift spouse.

I am so fortunate that Todd pretty much goes with whatever zaney idea I have at the moment.  He agrees with me completely on wanting to be debt free.  Even though some of my ways of getting debt-free are a bit extreme, he understands. 

What I’ve grown to love about him is that without my input at all, HE is trying to help us save money any way we can.  We bought a house that was a complete fixer-upper.  It needed EVERYTHING done to it.  We spent a lot of money on supplies, and are still spending money to this day to get projects done.  He has been recycling a lot and saving  a lot of money on many of the projects!  One of them is my garden.  We need a fence around the garden because of Squiggy.  Todd was able to get some oak from work (they were going to throw it away!) and he enclosed the garden.

Even though the garden cost us quite a bit this year (we needed to get dirt for the garden), the garden will pay itself off in produce over the next couple of years. 

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  1. Awesome Garden. My husband is very frugal too, it is me that always wants to spend money.