Saturday, September 18, 2010

What Can You Do In 10 Minutes?

I will be the first to admit, I dont like to clean.  It isnt so bad when the house is already clean and I have to put things where they are supposed to go, but our house never stays that way for more than a few days.  Todd is the main cleaner in the house, and I pick up when the mood strikes.

I am part of a message board and one of the ladies asked, "What can you do in 10 minutes?"  The premise is cleaning up in spurts when you have just 5-10 minutes instead of taking a half hour or 45 minutes to pick up.
Well, I tried it this morning.

On weekends that Todd works (every other weekend) and I'm at home, I normally sit around and am lazy all day.  I piddle around in the garden, pick berries, take the puppy for a walk and sit outside in the sun with the animals as they play for several hours while reading a book or thinking. I also enjoy taking naps on the weekend and watching movies.

This morning, I got all of the posts for the blog done through Friday.  I was proud of myself.  I wanted to watch a movie that I have from the library.  I put the movie in, and decided to go unload the dishwasher while the previews were playing.  I cant stand unloading the dishwasher.  Todd loads it (because I dont like to do that either), and I unload.  Well, I got it done in less than 5 minutes!  Previews were still playing, so I decided to go put some laundry in the washing machine.

When the movie is over, I'll have some lunch and hang the clothes from the washer on the line outside while playing with the animals. 

This may be just the thing for me!  Take 2-3 10 minute breaks throughout the day and get some things from the "to do" list done!

What can YOU do in 10 minutes?

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